Innovative Touch Screen

Innovative technology offers a range of Touch Screen Devices based Kiosk.

Provide a natural and intutive man-machine interface of use.

Eliminate the use of keyboard and Mouse.

Ideal for use in unattended public Places.

Touch screen monitors are scratch resistant can not be easily stolen from public places.

15"/17"/19"/21" Curved / Flat screen sites avilable with desktop Configurations or as custom built kiosk meeting diferent application needs.

The Self-Serve Solution that never sleeps
User Friendly from the First Usage

In a world of ATMs, today's consumers are comfortably familiar with automated service technologies. TSK- kiosks keep things easy right from the start with friendly greeters, simple on-screen instructions and quick confirmations. Customers enjoy a positive bill-payment experience and peace of mind with real-time biller notification. It's fast and easy with virtually no learning curve. Screens and voice instruction easily toggle between English,Tamil other Indian languages.

Unlike other over-the-counter payment networks, TSK- kiosks enable continual, anytime service. When positioned in an accessible location similar to ATM sites, they provide 24x7 customer access for the ultimate in self-serve convenience.

Our touch screen kiosks provide an ideal way to deliver building directory information to guests or employees. Unlike a traditional static directory, fully customizable kiosk-based interactive directory is searchable, easily updatable and scalable. Moreover, interactive directories on touch screen kiosks could:
  • Issue photo visitor passes to guests.

  • Provide directions.

  • Give access to floor plans.

  • Links to companies' websites.

  • Check availability and presence of particular employee.

  • Provide access to online policies & practices.

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