Innovative Touch Screen

Innovative technology offers a range of Touch Screen Devices based Kiosk.

Provide a natural and intutive man-machine interface of use.

Eliminate the use of keyboard and Mouse.

Ideal for use in unattended public Places.

Touch screen monitors are scratch resistant can not be easily stolen from public places.

15"/17"/19"/21" Curved / Flat screen sites avilable with desktop Configurations or as custom built kiosk meeting diferent application needs.


  1. What Are the Different Types of Touch Screen Monitors and size available?

    There are two types of touch screens monitors
    (a) LCD (b) CRT
    LCD based monitors are flat shaped, rugged and shatter proof also. It has got an anti bacterial protection. The viewing are is equivalent to a 17" CRT a Touch Screen Kiosk and has got a 90 viewing angle. LCD is working on capacitive technology.
    CRT monitors are better in clarity but life is shorter compared to an LCD monitor. CRT a Touch Screen Kiosks are available in 15", 17", 19", and 21" models. We are providing an internally embedded touch screen, which is advanced.
    LCD Touch Screen Monitors are available in 10, 12, 15, 17, 19, 22 upto 64

  2. How are the touch screens mounted?

    Touch Screen Kiosks are mounted in specially built thick metal enclosures so that it can withstand any climatic conditions. We provide custom finishes and colors with secure locking and heavy duty cooling equipments.

  3. What is the warranty?

    Normally the warranty is for one year.

  4. Is the touch screen kiosk a product of the future? - VOIP, future applications, video conferencing?

    Yes, Touch Screen Kiosk is going to be the product of the future. The Touch Screen Kiosk market in India is growing and Innovative Technologies has already become a pioneer in touch screen kiosk with excellent applications and number of installations throughout the country.