Innovative Touch Screen

Innovative technology offers a range of Touch Screen Devices based Kiosk.

Provide a natural and intutive man-machine interface of use.

Eliminate the use of keyboard and Mouse.

Ideal for use in unattended public Places.

Touch screen monitors are scratch resistant can not be easily stolen from public places.

15"/17"/19"/21" Curved / Flat screen sites avilable with desktop Configurations or as custom built kiosk meeting diferent application needs.


  1. What is a Touch Screen Kiosk?

    The meaning of a Kiosk is- it is a vending machine. In our context we vend information so it is information Touch Screen Kiosk. Rather it as multipurpose information cum transaction Touch Screen Kiosk.

  2. What is the difference between a computer and a Touch Screen Kiosk?

    A Touch Screen Kiosk consists of a touch screen [LCD or CRT based] with a central processing unit in a metal / fibre glass enclosure and a host of peripherals exclusively developed for a Touch Screen Kiosk application. Kiosk is application oriented and is basically used to transact information, product and services using the various peripherals. The desk top computer is a part or a component of a Touch Screen Kiosk.

  3. Why Touch Screen Kiosk? Other than my use what other applications can be fit into use?

    We require (a) Fast Information
    (b) Reliable Information
    (c) Complete Information
    A Touch Screen Kiosk satisfies all the above. Even a person not exposed to computers can use it. Again the multilingual option helps the user to interact in his own language. There is no limit to the use of a Touch Screen Kiosk. It can be from mailing/browsing to vending of various tickets or it can be your various bill payments.

  4. What Are the Different Types of Touch Screens Technologies available?

    (a) SAW [surface Acoustic Wave] Technology
    (b) Capacitive Technology
    (c) Resistive technology
    (d) Infra Red Technology