Innovative Touch Screen

Innovative technology offers a range of Touch Screen Devices based Kiosk.

Provide a natural and intutive man-machine interface of use.

Eliminate the use of keyboard and Mouse.

Ideal for use in unattended public Places.

Touch screen monitors are scratch resistant can not be easily stolen from public places.

15"/17"/19"/21" Curved / Flat screen sites avilable with desktop Configurations or as custom built kiosk meeting diferent application needs.

Our ITS Kiosk for e-governance
e-Governance initiatives generally aim to facilitate the flow of information between government and the public. However, as many people still lack access to PCs or the Internet this relegates them to the wrong side of the digital divide. Use of touch screen kiosks in Government to deliver information to the public is one way in which central and local governments can bridge this divide. E-Government kiosks:
  • Provide controlled access to e-Government portals/websites.

  • Deliver cost savings by allowing users to perform transactions on-line.

  • Increase access to information about local government programs & services.

  • Publicise new government websites or initiatives.

  • Provide local tourist information.

  • Act as a public, physical embodiment of government technology expenditures.

  • Help bridging the digital divide.

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